3 Common Misconceptions In Forex Trading

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Article by Sebastian Sim

Forex trading is too risky!

Any forms of investments or trading are risky! However, it is only risky if the traders themselves are not educated in Forex trading. It is just like driving a car without learning how to stop the car. Many losers prefer to listen to their friends or so-called “analyst” instead of enrolling with some Forex trading courses to get educated. They prefer to pay expensive ‘course fee’ to the market and learn nothing from it.

You need large amount of Capital in Forex Trading!

Not True! Many losers think that they would be successful if they have more money or could trade a bigger account. All losers get knocked out of the game by a string of losses or a single huge lose. Often after they are square off in the losing position, the market reversed and moves in the direction he expected.

A loser is not under capitalized, his mind is underdeveloped. A loser can destroy a big account almost as quickly as a small one. He will overtrade and his money management is sloppy. He risk too big, a streak of bad trades puts him out of business. It is important to have the right education for your success in Forex Trading.

So start trading part-time first!

This Software Will Make You Money$ $ Without Even Knowing How to Trade!

Imagine a stranger walks into your driveway and tries to convince you an automatic system for driving your car. Just a few thousand dollars for a CD or chip install in your car and you can nap in driver’s seat that brings you to work. You would probably laugh the salesman out of your driveway. Now, would you laugh if he tries to sell you an automatic Forex trading system?

Traders who believe in autopilot myth think that the pursuit of wealth can be automated. Some try to develop, while some buy from ‘expert’. Men spent years honing their skills as lawyers, doctors to be one. Do you?

I am not totally against automated trading. It’s just that before you buy the next autmated trading software, you need to ask yourself if you know your stuff.

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