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by Tradingrichmom

With so many best online forex brokers available on the Internet, it is impossible for dealers, individual traders of investor groups to research each before deciding on a broker. As such, there are many sites that now take on unbiased reviews of the top brokers in the Internet. Their reviews are quite in depth and often have personal trader reviews as well as professional analyses of their services.

Have a look at for great reviews and lists of brokers. These sites can be a great way to defend against fraudulent broker services in addition to making a great match between you and a broker—an ideally long-term relationship. One of the first things to consider with these sites is which categories they are using to review the brokers; these sites give important details that must be understood according to your trading needs:

Country of Broker Activity. Depending on your country, there are tax laws and stipulations that can make trading with certain brokers a bit complicated. Additionally, the currencies available to fund your account must match that which you will use. As the Forex market spans globally, so do brokers and the laws of their country that govern their activities and trading.
Leverages. Each broker provides a different maximum leverage ratio, this is important for those who focus their trading style on placing trades with ratios from 500:1 and above.
Pips Spreads. The difference between the ask price and the sell price can be a large percentage of the trade itself. This being the case, finding a site that lists decent pips spreads for each broker is important for any trader.
Customer Service and Support. Broker lists should have current reviews of how the brokers responds and reacts to trader and investor questions and issues. A main problem that many traders and investors have their brokers is that they do not feel supported in times of confusion regarding the site, platform, costs of trading or understanding the data as it is presented.
Minimum Account Deposit. Almost all brokers have a minimum deposit amount for investors to begin making trades. The broker lists should have this information available so you can rule out those brokers that are out of your budget range.
Broker Ratings. The broker lists often have a rating that judges on the user reviews and many other factors including the above-mentioned list. has a great voting system to peruse. This is important not only to give to an idea of how others feel about the broker, but also to see that broker is popular and established enough to have user reviews.
Minimum Position Size. With all of the information available considering the Forex environment, micro-trading is a legitimate approach. This means that the minimum amount that one must trade can be quite small. This is often overlooked, but it is an important factor when looking at Forex broker lists.

The process of finding broker forex list can be difficult, but certain sites make it easier to narrow the playing field. When taking these factors into account, you can immediately rule out certain brokers, find one who suits you and start trading.

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