Broker Forex List: Choosing An Online Forex Broker The Smart Way

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Online Forex
by Tradingrichmom

With so many best online forex brokers available on the Internet, it is impossible for dealers, individual traders of investor groups to research each before deciding on a broker. As such, there are many sites that now take on unbiased reviews of the top brokers in the Internet. Their reviews are quite in depth and often have personal trader reviews as well as professional analyses of their services.

Have a look at for great reviews and lists of brokers. These sites can be a great way to defend against fraudulent broker services in addition to making a great match between you and a broker—an ideally long-term relationship. One of the first things to consider with these sites is which categories they are using to review the brokers; these sites give important details that must be understood according to your trading needs:

Country of Broker Activity. Depending on your country, there are tax laws and stipulations that can make trading with certain brokers a bit complicated. Additionally, the currencies available to fund your account must match that which you will use. As the Forex market spans globally, so do brokers and the laws of their country that govern their activities and trading.
Leverages. Each broker provides a different maximum leverage ratio, this is important for those who focus their trading style on placing trades with ratios from 500:1 and above.
Pips Spreads. The difference between the ask price and the sell price can be a large percentage of the trade itself. This being the case, finding a site that lists decent pips spreads for each broker is important for any trader.
Customer Service and Support. Broker lists should have current reviews of how the brokers responds and reacts to trader and investor questions and issues. A main problem that many traders and investors have their brokers is that they do not feel supported in times of confusion regarding the site, platform, costs of trading or understanding the data as it is presented.
Minimum Account Deposit. Almost all brokers have a minimum deposit amount for investors to begin making trades. The broker lists should have this information available so you can rule out those brokers that are out of your budget range.
Broker Ratings. The broker lists often have a rating that judges on the user reviews and many other factors including the above-mentioned list. has a great voting system to peruse. This is important not only to give to an idea of how others feel about the broker, but also to see that broker is popular and established enough to have user reviews.
Minimum Position Size. With all of the information available considering the Forex environment, micro-trading is a legitimate approach. This means that the minimum amount that one must trade can be quite small. This is often overlooked, but it is an important factor when looking at Forex broker lists.

The process of finding broker forex list can be difficult, but certain sites make it easier to narrow the playing field. When taking these factors into account, you can immediately rule out certain brokers, find one who suits you and start trading.

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Introducing Forex Broker – Forex Bonus Programs Of Brokers And Introducing Brokers

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Introducing Forex Broker

Years ago, the minimum investment for speculators in the Forex market ran to as high as million, a figure that restricted foreign exchange trading to banks, investment firms, Forex trading firms, and wealthy individual traders. Because of the internet and retail Forex brokers, a trader who has only 0 or less can now participate in foreign exchange spot trading through a home computer.

The increasing number of participants in currency trading with limited capital presented an opportunity for brokers to present them with Forex bonus programs that boost the traders’ incomes and attract more traders to pick the brokers’ services.

There are various ways that brokers present their bonus systems. Some brokers reward their new members simply for joining them by increasing the members’ initial deposits while treating their old clients with a similar deal. For example, a trader who opens an account with a broker who offers a joining bonus of 30% can earn an extra 0 for an initial deposit of 00. Introducing Forex Broker

Some brokers reward high-earning traders by showering them with prizes in proportion to their profits. Under this scheme, a trader will be motivated to earn more as his Forex bonus proportionately increases with his Forex trading income.

Like Forex brokers, introducing brokers, who match traders with Forex dealing firms that pay them for their referral service, are also generous to their clients. These introducing brokers pay traders for every transaction that they make.

Choosing a bonus program can be as confusing and tricky as picking the right Forex broker. While most rewards are tempting, the wise trader research and evaluate before settling with an incentive system. Introducing Forex Broker

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Best Forex Trading Platform In India – How to Select a Good Forex Broker?

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Best Forex Trading Platform In India

Your choice of the forex broker will have a great impact on the trading success you get in forex market. The rise of Forex trading as the technique for generating investment income increased the number of forex brokers trying to get the business done. With numerous brokers in the forex market place makes the selection process extremely difficult. The trading features of each broker will be different and thus will have a good impact on the decision of common man.

You must ensure that the forex Broker is there with you for everything, you do regarding forex trading. You need to have a great relationship with the broker on a daily basis for executing the trades so that you get the required support when something goes wrong. You can even get the assistance of a broker while doing online forex trading. There are certain things that should be kept in mind so that you can select the best forex broker for you.

Checking whether financially regulated

You should check whether the forex broker, you have selected is financially regulated. This will help you get your peace of mind even when a financial crisis occurs. This will ensure that your deposit remains safe. Checking whether the broker has a license will solve your problem to a great extent. You can also get the advice of people working in the same niche for a long period of time. Best Forex Trading Platform In India

Checking out spreads on offer

Forex Brokers normally offer either fixed or floating spreads. The floating spreads are considered to be good as they have the tendency to be lower. However, when the liquidity in the forex market is low, the broker may increase the spread more often. Therefore, for many people, fixed spreads make more sense. Fixed spread will be guaranteed by brokers not to increase irrespective of the market conditions.

Reliability of trading platform

Reliability is among the foremost things that should be checked while selecting a forex broker. You must ensure that the platform will work smoothly on your computer without any hiccups. Opening a demo account, if free for trying out the effectiveness of the platforms on offer can help you in making a better decision.

Leverage required

Each forex Broker offers a unique level of leverage. The ratio between the capital made available for you in trading and actual capital in your account can be called as leverage. Most of the people find high leverage ratios attractive, but an inexperienced trader can end up in huge losses. Look for an experienced broker who allows you to leverage the trading sufficiently along with the trading experience, you have.

Funding your account

Most of the forex brokers will offer user accounts that are denominated in dollars. However, the increasingly account deposits offered has made accounts available in a wider range of currencies. If making account deposits in the local currency is significant for you, then you must check that the selected broker avails you this facility.


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Best Forex Trading Platform For Beginners – Best Online Forex Broker For Beginners and New Traders

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Online Forex
by Tradingrichmom

Article by Forex Expert

Best Forex Trading Platform For Beginners

One of the biggest decisions any Forex trader has to make is which Forex broker he o she is going to use. After all, your broker has to be supportive, provide an easy to use interface, and make your trading as simple and fast as possible.

The problem is that most online Forex brokers have trading platforms which are more suitable for experienced traders than for new ones. Some of these platforms can make the entry into Forex trading downright frightening and can even make it harder for you to make money at first. If you’re a new trader, you have to make sure your trading platform is super-easy to use and simple to understand.

I think that eToro is the best online Forex broker for beginners for the following reasons: Best Forex Trading Platform For Beginners

1. Etoro’s graphical interface allows you to choose from a variety of trading platforms some of which are displayed as a game would so that it makes trading fun, especially when you’re starting out. Of course, this doesn’t mean that eToro doesn’t provide detailed charting software as well as technical indicators and analysis tools.

2. Etoro allows you to open an account with a very small initial deposit. Anywhere between — 0. This makes it much easier to begin trading since you don’t have to to put up to much money.

3. Etoro have a very supportive staff which help their traders with any questions. This is excellent for new and inexperienced traders.

4. The eToro platform is one of the most friendly and easy to use interfaces I have come across.

5. This is a stable platform and a highly respected broker.

6. You can trade in multiple languages so you shouldn’t have any problems trading.

Overall, I think this is the best Forex broker for beginners and a great one for veterans as well. Best Forex Trading Platform For Beginners

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Best Online Forex Trading Broker – Make Money With Top Five Forex Trading Brokers

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Online Forex
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Article by Forex Expert

Best Online Forex Trading Broker

Forex Trading is a highly volatile industry where money can be made and lost within seconds. Hence it is very important to be armed with the latest information and the best tools to ensure that you always enjoy a winning streak in this market. The best way to go about making profits here is by employing the services of an online Forex broker; this automated tool can be of immense help in providing you with real time information, data, charts and other tools to help you make handsome profits.

Let me take you through the top five Forex brokers available online these days;

Easy Forex

This online Forex broker has received the highest rating in the recent times as it provides the subscriber with a whole array of tools like charts, news, financial calendar, trade controller, SMS alert service, limit controller, daily outlook and currency rate matrix. You can also set up a demo account before subscribing to the service to find out if the system is to your liking and preference. A minimum deposit of only hundred dollars is required to start trading and this automated broker offers three pips as a spread for major pairs. You can also choose from over hundred different pairs of international currencies to trade.

Forex Yard

A demo account can be set up with this online broker too before making the minimum deposit of hundred dollars to start trading. Tools like daily outlook, news, charts and interest rates table is provided but not inside viewer and trade controller which is available only with Easy Forex. Training programs are also provided free of cost and using this broker, you can also trade in gold and oil to reap in rich dividends. Service is good with a 24/7 toll free customer service and you can also live chat if required. Best Online Forex Trading Broker


This is also a good online Forex trading broker and offers the same tools as the above two except interest rates table, inside viewer and trade controller. You only have to make a minimum deposit of fifty dollars to start an account here. Unlike the other two online brokers, this one has to be downloaded to start trading instead of going online. Customer service is excellent and you can use online banking, wire transfer or credit card to make payments.


With Avafx, you can avail most of the services as of Easy Forex except for trade controller and a minimum deposit of hundred dollars has to be made to start trading. The facility for opening a demo account is also available with this online broker. You can choose from over fifty currency pairs to trade and you can either go online or download the application to carry out trading.


The last but not the least is FxCast, an online Forex trading broker which offers round the clock customer service in many languages. The minimum deposit for opening an account is incredibly low to the tune of only ten dollars. You can use wire transfer or online banking to make and receive payments and periodic training programs are also available to help you keep abreast with all the information about the Forex market. Best Online Forex Trading Broker

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