Learn Forex Trading – How to Start, What to Know

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The forex market is the world’s largest financial market. Every day, almost four trillion dollars are traded around the world. One of the reasons for the rapid growth of this dynamic market is the development of online trading. Online trading caused a massive dissemination of forex trading around the world. Now forex trading is available everywhere. This availability has only increased the chances of profit because of the massive amount of currency that has been inserted into the market. In order to start online trading forex, there are four basic steps one must take.

Step One – Research

The first step before opening an actual account is to research the websites that offer them. Here is a list of the major elements you should investigate before going ahead and opening an account:

• What type of trader do you plan on being? Once you know the answer to that question, you know what to look for in an appropriate online trading site.• Commissions and fees – Commissions and fees are unavoidable, however, based on the type of trading you plan on doing you should look for the type of broker that will be cost effective.• Minimum account size – As mentioned before, based on the type of trading you plan on doing, make sure you’re not going to be below the minimum account size of the given firm.• Free goodies – If the site offers free stuff, take advantage of it. Some of the free things offered by websites are quite helpful in actual trading.• Security – This is probably the most important thing to look for. Make sure the website is legitimate, encoded, and secure.

Step Two – Learn Forex

The second step is learning about forex. Many website offer tutorials and literature that will help you acclimate to the world of forex and become familiar with its systems and terminology. There are at least three basic things you should familiarize yourself with before you actually start trading:• Forex fundaments – You’ll need to learn about currency pairs, spot trading, forward trading, macroeconomic factors that affect forex, and market psychology.• Analyzing charts – A large part of forex trading is knowing how to read the charts. You’ll learn about Candlestick formations, relative strength index, stochastic oscillator, rate of change indicator, directional movement indicator, parabolic “Stop and Reverse” indicator, and moving averages.• Starting market – You’ll probably want to start trading in a specific market, and it behooves you to become familiar with the relevant factors influencing that market (financial institutions, commodities, exports, etc…).

Step Three – Download

The third step is to download online trading software. Online trading software is essentially a program that will enable you to track and trade via your computer. The three main features you should expect to use are:• Charting – The program will automatically chart the currency pairs via live feed from the internet. Additionally, many programs also include functions that automatically track market trends using the chart analysis calculations mentioned above.• Trading – You can actively trade real-time, or you give the computer orders to trade if a currency pair reaches a certain value.• Accounting – The program will provide you with an up-to-date break down of your account’s status, balance, available equity, and open positions. Additionally, the program will provide you with a detailed account history with which you can review prior trades and learn to improve.

Step Four – Open a Trial/Mini Forex Account

The fourth step is to open a trial account or a mini forex account. Each one has their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of a trial account is that you don’t have to worry about loosing any money, which is especially good if you’re new and inexperienced. The disadvantage is that since you’re not actually making or loosing any money, the chance that you will really care about what happens to the account are slim. A mini forex account is a reduced-risk account in which you trade real money, but the minimum lot size is significantly lower. The advantage is that you get the feel for the real trading experience. The disadvantage is that you can actually loose real money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The next step is to apply the previous four in a real trading environment by opening a real account. Remember everything you learned from the best forex brokers, watch the market, analyze the charts, and start trading..

Online Forex Trading System – What You Should Know

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The way forex traders buy and sell currencies have changed tremendously. Forex traders are now able to enjoy trading their currency of choice from the comfort of their own home. Thanks to the advancement of computer technology, many online forex trading system are now emerging and are becoming more accessible to users who are interested in a piece of the forex pie.

Online forex trading systems are usually provided by various online forex brokers. This in turn tells us that there are various online forex trading systems in the market.

Now the question is which the better one is?

The truth is there are no better ones. As long as the online forex trading system comes with the indicators that an individual prefer using, it should be fine.

However it is crucial that the user of an online forex trading system has a good internet connection and an optimized computer system. This is crucial because of the latency issue when trading online.

How can internet latency affect your online forex trades through an online forex trading systems?

If your internet connection is slow, your online forex orders made through an online forex trading system will not be submitted to your online forex broker. For this reason, you could be losing a few PIPS (small price change in a given exchange rate).

For example: The bid price of the currency pair (EUR/USD) shown on your computer screen is 1.4825 and evaluating the currency pair on your indications, you somehow feel that the EUR currency will grow stronger at the end of the trading day and so you decide to buy EUR at 1.4825. However due to latency issues, by the time your order is logged by your online forex broker, you will end up buying EUR at a higher rate (less profitable) especially in a fast moving market where every second counts.

If your computer is laggy (slow), the same situation will occur.

Needless to say, there is nothing wrong with any online forex trading system as long as your computer and internet connection is at its highest performance.

Online forex trading systems have contributed tremendous change in the way forex trades are being made today. But it didn’t stop there. As I’m writing this article, forex traders are now looking to automate their trades using their online forex trading system. That is the trend now.

In fact, at this very moment, people who know very little about forex trading are actively participating in the forex market. You may wonder how they are going to make profitable trades if they know almost nothing about reading indicators and analyzing trends to enter and exit the currency pair.

The truth is they are not making the trades using their own hands. What they are using to handle their money in their forex trading account is called a forex trading robot.

A forex trading robot is a program that automatically trades currency pairs for its user. Attached to the user’s online forex trading system, it will trade on the forex market 24/7 without any attention needed. Are they safe to use? I could say it’s all mathematical but no one knows for sure.

However given many forex trading robots in the market today, a few are making good returns for its users..

Get To Know Automated Forex Systems And Improve Your Bottom Line

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Forex system
by Tradingrichmom

Article by GiselleS

Automated Forex systems (a.k.a expert advisors) are the key to making the most out of foreign trading currency markets.

Forex Trading: Opportunities Lost and Gained

Forex trading (the buying and selling of one currency against another to capitalize on fluctuating currency values) never sleeps. With only very minor exceptions on the weekend, Forex trading is ongoing in some time zone, in some country of the world. There is no opening or closing bell on the Forex market.

Inherently, the Forex market is structured in a way that invites investing missteps and missed opportunities. Because markets are opening and closing continuously, changes to the market are occurring continuously, and unless you are a person that never, ever sleeps or eats, the potential for you to miss out (or worse, lose out) is ever-present.

The only way to even the playing field in your favor is to use an automated Forex trading system to do your work for you. In fact, these systems are the very tools the pros use so that they never miss a currency trading beat.

Forex Automated Trading Systems Explained

Automated Forex trading systems are used to buy and sell on the Forex markets any time of the day; that means that you can still enjoy optimal Forex trading and get on with the rest of your life.

Automated Forex systems (expert advisors) work according to your trading instructions. On your own, or with the help of a trading mentor, you set the parameters of your Forex trading program and instruct the system to move accordingly. The rules that you use to program your system, your trading instructions are signals to exact points of entry and exit into markets.

A number of parameters can be set within your automated Forex trading system. You can define price patterns, market trends (such as fading or counter trends, following trends, or breakout trends), price points, averages, technical indicators, price level proximity and such as your rules for trading. The system will then use the parameters to create an algorithm that will work automatically on your behalf–any time of the day or night, any day of the year in any market the world over.

Improve Forex Trading With Automated Forex Trading Systems

By now, no doubt you’ve noticed a theme; automated Forex Trading Systems manage your currency trading portfolio all the time. They trade exactly as you would if you were able to do nothing else but sit by your computer and manage trades all day and night long, all week and year long. With a good automated Forex system, there is no worry that you will miss an important investment opportunity or bail-out point overnight or while at work; and there are no hounding phone calls at inopportune times from your broker who requires immediate instruction. This is the most crucial advantage of Forex trading with automated Forex trading systems, and the best reason to use one.

But the advantages of automated Forex trading systems are not limited to their “always on” capabilities. Automated Forex systems also take a lot of the human element–that element that is so oft responsible for lapses in heat-of-the-moment judgments, out of the trading equation.

Automated Forex systems allow you to carefully examine your own trading style ahead of time and design the system that works the best for you. You can tailor your trading to your own risk tolerance levels, which are inputted into your system. In so doing, the responsibility for making pressured decisions on-the-spot in an ever changing market is removed.

Automated Forex systems take the stress and emotion out of currency trading decisions. Guesswork and room for interpretation are eliminated; fear and greed are eliminated; reliable, predictable progress is what remains; in the end, all you see is the results.

To sum it up, automated Forex trading systems take the least advantageous elements of the human side of trading out of the process, and replaces it with reliable, precise currency trading instruction. In a currency market that is always evolving, the only way to maximize results is to let this modern technology work for you.

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