Can Automated Forex Trading Systems Really Make Money Consistently?

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Forex profit

Many outlandish claims have been made about automated forex trading systems.  They have been touted as your key to untold riches or an automatic money making machine.  All you need to do is to let it loose on the forex markets, and the profits are yours.

So, are the claims really as good as the reality?  Well, from what I know of the financial markets, and I have been trading the markets for quite sometime, I have to reply with an emphatic “no”.  Automated forex trading systems are no different from a human entering a trade using a certain set of rules.  If your set of rules are flawed, no amount of automation can make it profitable.  But if your set of rules are sound, an automated trading system simply duplicates what you do manually.

In the following paragraphs I would try to give you a better idea of what an automated trading system can and cannot do, so that you can make a better evaluation.

Can an automated forex trading system make money?
Yes, but so can somebody who knows nothing about the forex markets.  Looking at it at its most basic level, trading is simply a decision of whether to buy or to sell.  And you do have a decent chance of being right even if you were to make a random choice.  So, even if an automated trading system was programmed to enter and exit the forex markets at random, it is possible that this system can make money.

Can an automated forex trading system make money consistently?
For the experienced trader, this is the crucial question.  Any trader or automated system, regardless of experience or quality, can make money over a period of time.  This period of time is profitable as the set of trading rules used might be suitable for the trading environment at the time.  However, as soon as the character of the market changes, so will the profitability of the trading system or trader.  More often than not, I suspect that the portfolio will suffer a drastic change in fortunes, from mildly profitable to losing serious money.

Financial markets go through trending and non trending phases.  To judge if an automated forex trading system can profit consistently, you have to trade the system through both phases of the market and the net result must be profitable.

The automated trading system performs great on past data.  It’s going to make me a ton of money, right?
You wish.  While I can’t speak for all trading systems, I can confidently say that the statement is absolutely false for most automated systems.  As a computer programmer, I know that it is not difficult to come up with a set of rules that can fit any set of past data so that the system buys and sells at just the right time.  Look at it as having the benefit of hindsight.

But, in all probability, the set of rules inferred would tend to be too well fitted to the data, and does not have any real predictive power when applied to trading in real time.

If an automated forex trading system is profitable, why do their programmers want to sell it and not trade it themselves?
Call me a cynic but I have the following answers for you:
– As traders themselves, they know that their system can trade very profitably during certain phases of the market, but will fail miserably during other phases.  And they know that the system will probably generate a net loss over the long run.
– Their trading system was created to be sold.  Everything about the system has been optimized to make it look good, but it is really quite useless in actual trading.

Don’t buy into the hype surrounding automated forex trading systems.  While they do have their advantages, they are not automatic avenues to wealth.  You can use them to fine tune your system or to automate trades, but ultimately, whether you make money consistently in the forex markets depends on only one thing, namely you..

Just Released: Automated Forex Trading Robot That Doubles Money in 30 Days!

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Nov. 25, 2008 — This morning, at 9 a.m. EST, when trader-developers Steve, Mike and Ulrich released FAP Turbo, folks got to see something that could change trading, and how to think about trading, forever.

The FAP Turbo trading robot has an advantage over just about anything else out there, because it has been battle-tested. You can see how the “secret logic” behind this simple software that has dramatically doubled accounts in real time here:

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Can’t Trade!

Here’s the mind-blowing thing about this new software: You don’t need to know anything about trading to use it. The FAP Turbo robot trades the Forex market for you.

I have really been impressed with just how well this thing works. You see results every day. You don’t have to wait weeks to see your account take off like a rocket.

The Ultimate Trading Alternative

Look, it doesn’t suit everyone. Not all traders like to have a piece of software trade for them. I totally get that. I used to be like that too. I would have felt almost let down if someone did all the hard work for me. I wanted to do it myself. I needed to prove to myself that I could do it.

Now that I am older, though — with more responsibilities, commitments, interests, etc. — I don’t really care whether I do it or a piece of software does it… just as long as it does it. I use these robots as part of my overall trading strategy, and FAP Turbo is a good one.

Must-Know Details About FAP Turbo

* It turned 0 into ,100 in just one month.

* It turned ,500 into ,700 in just 32 days.

* It turned ,100 into ,100 in just 30 days.

* It turned ,000 into ,900 in just 90 days.

[FYI: These were all real trading accounts.]

Marcus B. Leary, Automatic Trading pioneer of expert advisor [EA] programming and developer of the popular Forex AutoPilot Robot [], had this to say about FAP Turbo: “The shocking outcome of technology and genius working together is the most advanced live Forex Robot in existence.”

Me? I truly think this is probably the best robot I have seen.

If you’d like to see video testimonials from men and women who prospered while previewing FAP Turbo — plus results of nine years of back-testing that yielded 5,000% profit — go here:

FAP Turbo Is Your Income Solution

Whether you’re gainfully employed, underemployed, employed part-time, work at home, or simply seek a passive income stream, FAP Turbo can help. In a nutshell: FAP Turbo isn’t just a great trading product — it’s a complete income solution:

* It requires so little of your investment. [You can start with as little as .]

* It requires absolutely no time commitment. [Set it and forget it!]

* Results can be seen and enjoyed within minutes of starting.

* There is live PROOF of what your future will be!

If you’d like to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the special launch price of USD 9, I suggest that you act fast — before Steve, Mike and Ulrich raise the price [and rightfully so, considering its immense value!]. You’ll never be billed again, and will enjoy all the benefits of FAP Turbo as a lifetime member. Plus, it comes with a 60-day, 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!

Check it out now:

NOTE: Information, charts or examples contained in this review are for illustration and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as advice or an endorsement to purchase or sell any security or financial instrument. We do not and cannot give investment advice.


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Living A Worries-Free… Debt-Free… Luxury Life Is a Reality That No One Should Pass Up. Learn More About FAP Turbo:



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The Best Forex Trading Strategies Make Your Money Work for You

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Your money should work for you. This should also be true with your investments. With any great success, you need to have strategies. Having strategies is not enough. You must have strategies that work.

Forex investments are widely used by both investors and brokers. Knowing what strategies to use when investing is significant to the amount of return a trader will get for the investment. The strategies used most often are Forex investment plans courses, AC-Markets charts, Forex software, and Forex investment companies. The Forex trading strategies that work are purely dependent on your trading and investment knowledge coupled with the type of investments you choose.

How Forex Investments Plans Effect Forex Trading Strategies

There are several Forex investment plans in the trading world. These plans are set up to help the investor make informed decisions based on the trader’s needs, investment type, broker relationship and the best Forex trading strategies for your risk aversion level. Making sense of these Forex investment plans is a job for seasoned Forex investors and or brokers.

Knowing which investment plan is appropriate for you, like any other important decision, takes time, effort and research. You then have to compile Forex trading strategies that fit within the perimeters of the outcome you expect. Once you have learned which strategies work best for you, you can then start deciding what investment plans and strategies will work best together.

Now You Have a Plan and a Strategy–What’s Next?

The next step is to start researching what ACM Forex trading platform will work best with your Forex investment plans and Forex trading strategies.

Just as every person is different, each investor is different. They have unique plans, struggle to find the best Forex trading strategies and, of course, want a Forex trading platform that is easy to learn and to use – they even have unique reasons for their investments. The reason for the investment might be to help offset the economic impact that resulted in loss of retirement by so many. In this case the investor may already be seasoned and my not need a broker; they may just need a great Forex investment software.

Others may have little or no knowledge of the Forex market and may need a broker along with a Forex investment course just to learn the basics so they can supplement the missing income the economic crisis has caused. In this case, the platform they use could be one that is guided by a broker, a Forex investment firm, or a hands-on-learning course.

Whatever the reason the investor is taking a risk. This risk should be one that the investor feels comfortable making rather the investor in doing it solo–without a broker–or with one. Knowing which Forex trading platform is right for you will increase the success of your investment. Keep in mind that knowledge is power, and that your money should be working for you. Just like most other major decisions, you should always research any investment. Make sure that the strategies, investment plans and the platform you choose is one that is easy for you to understand, viable, and most of all–proven successful..

Making Money Online With a Forex Trading System

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In this article I will discuss making money online, Forex trading, and software related to Forex trading. Both good and bad. As well as cover some other things. Though there are a lot of systems out there, more importantly scams, there’s not quite as many as there are online get rich quick schemes and ponzi schemes in general. There are still hundreds if not thousands of scams that directly relate to Forex Currency Trading. These scams come in various forms but often get the record set straight on them quickly, however a few others somehow escape the negative publicity and go for years and hit unsuspecting profit seekers where it hurts the most daily. The problem with Forex is that so much seems too good to be true, and a lot of stuff is, but it’s also true that many people have made millions and some aren’t really all that smart at it. You can profit from the right robot.

The first thing I would like to discuss is the topic of sales pages, that common pitch page that a lot of products use and you often think it’s gone too far or it must be a scam just by looking at it. But when you think real hard about it, over half the time this is not actually the case… These sales pages are so long and packed with information since they are commonly advertised on the web and it is more or less business strategy, as opposed to anything reflecting the product. Certain vendors force you to use pitch pages, they need a specific landing page and it makes things much easier for sales transactions.

So rather than guide you through a structured web site with more details through various sections; they often use this pitch page and they generally pack it with information and a ton of hard selling. This has proven to be the trend and it’s gotten harder and harder for some EAs to market their software without these types of pitch pages. It is often the case with digital products and or/stuff you can order online. When it comes to these make-money-online and Forex sites they often have a lot of flash to them and obviously many things to draw customers in. In reality it’s not much different from any other form of advertising, most certainly not the likes of gambling, and so forth. They need to have some sort of appeal and be competitive. My conclusion is that even if it looks like it could be a scam, do your homework anyway and it may not be. It just depends. Some things are signs, but in my opinion web design and hard selling are not direct signs of a scam. Though in the Forex Market something to hope for would be charts and proof.

With regards to the surveys and other things, it amounts to filling out spam for pennies pretty much, data entry is the same and much more annoying than even the most desperate realize. It also makes you look bad if you tell your friends. You still have to spend time to make any real money, not prizes, and some also require a credit card number on file, and they text you and stuff too. Let’s be honest, it sucks. It’s bottom of the barrel work that just isn’t worth it. It’s for the ultra-lazy. The kind of human being who for example might get scammed by a Forex system. Not a serious adult who is looking to profit from investment and extend their savings, along with make more money in general.

I once tried a clicking service just to see if I actually could make money, on the popular moneytec forum it was this highly suggested thing by a bunch of lazy work at home users, but I bought into it at the time, and, no joke I signed up and they told me it would be easy and they would make it easy to visit 1000 sites or whatever they have you visit for 15 cents. So I clicked a link and it just starting loading every 2 seconds, it was awfully slow, I waited 15 minutes and that was only like 25 sites, i got a virus after, and i closed it fast. I abandoned the 15 cents for it and thought instantly that these poor souls who do this are a whole helluva lot more desperate than I am. I do not belong in these sort of slums of the internet. This is the first time I have ever written about it. Besides that several years ago before I started trading Forex I also wrote a few surveys and never got paid once. I have marketed online to some success but mainly my success has been through Forex Trading. That’s why I don’t need to work a real job and can sit around doing stuff like this all day. Publishing is very important to me. Once something you write online get’s indexed by a major search engine like Google, chances are that it will be there for a very long time. I find that important anyway…

There are other ways you can make money online without Forex Trading, though sadly it is often bottom of the barrel work; boring data entry, filling out surveys for pennies, to name a couple of the more common ones. If you’re into making web sites you may also advertise on one of your sites or a network of sites, and for that you need fresh content and you need to get traffic, which is way harder than one might think. You can sell products virtually as an affiliate, though you need to find your niche and work very hard at it, it becomes a time consuming job for some people and no matter what you’re likely to going to need to invest in something no matter what you do. Whether it’s Forex, Web Design, Advertising or whatever it is or a combination of things, most importantly it takes time and ability to adapt your passion. Though you still have much more freedom, affiliate marketing online is very crowded and has been for years. You can also use a revenue-share article and/or video submission service in hopes of being one of the few who can actually earn a living at it. Though that is not for everybody. If you’ve got four young children and only have an extra hour or two a day to pull in some extra income you most likely don’t have time to play a Martha Stewart like figure. Most people don’t.

Forex Trading on the other hand is more convenient in the sense that it is an extremely profitable investment opportunity given the right expert adviser, to advise your trade and supply your signals, generally to guide you. That is option one. You need a broker. It’s way easier than you think and in the Forex industry not as big of a word as you might think, easy to get and you don’t gotta meet them in person or anything. It’s an online thing.

There are many options to trade Forex, one of the most common would be the use of automated Forex platforms and Forex robots, all automated Forex trading in general. There is nothing wrong with it. This is where expert advisers come in, EAs for short. These are the Forex experts as I mentioned above who supply your trades and information to you. They pretty much tell you what to do. Some are much better than others. Some are not out to supply signals at all and simply selling their software to make profit from that end. Proper automated Forex software oftens runs on the metatrader 4 Forex trading platform, or at least the more popular ones do. Your EA software is like plug-in software for it. I’d actually be wrong to say all EAs use it, but many of the ones I have experience with use the Metatrader 4 Platform and I prefer it.

The other way to trade Forex is to study the market, find all the relevant information you need, take a very long time of a few months to several years to learn something, only to have it blow up as you were still too inexperienced to do something with your strategy when the market changed. Strategy is a very important element of online Forex trading but not just having a strategy, it’s about having enough strategies and being able to adapt properly with the market. This is why a lot of people fail without popular EAs, because the EA is usually a well experienced trader and your common trader can’t provide himself with signals even half as good and a lot less consistently. The well known EAs are usually like 15 year traders and so forth who studied the market like a school subject and make extra money on the side by selling there signals too you, or software which grants them.

A lot of Forex EAs today simply don’t have that sort strategy or ability to adapt with the market… Thus not making them scams, but just not prepared for the long haul in general. I have a lot of experience with failed systems and systems that worked for just a little while. I have others that work to this day but I am always seeking new ones. I can review several including one I use now however that has already been done a few times over.

If you’re looking for the cross between really learning Forex and just really having to learn complicated signals and software I’d suggest Forex Fap Turbo. The downside of this is you often need to buy extra stuff to learn it and some of it is useless. All of this for pretty decent software but it takes way more time and skill and not something I was happy with. I requested and received my refund for the software and some other software related to it, as it was just not for me and the only people i heard reviewing and bragging about it were a lot more educated before they tried it than I was. I wasn’t ready then, am not ready now. Though it’s a well reviewed Forex system and not a scam, I’d provide a link to a review but there is too many of the same, several are mere Forex advertisements so that’s not a lot of help. It also brings up a lot of the Fap Turbo related software that isn’t even the direct software and you gotta buy it separately. So it’s a lot of hassle even more than some typical investments that aren’t related to Forex.

I have also tried automoney and several other Forex robots and automated Forex platforms. I have found that many of these automated Forex systems are a dime a dozen and send you through far too many loops to get the desired results. If they don’t eat your entire investment… Some systems don’t have stops and you have to do too much manually, others are slow, and sometimes the EA is simply just not your sort of teacher and you get lost sometimes…Some EAs will simply sniff you out and then screw you over in the end. This is why it’s important to watch for signs of proof either by service trial or physical proof before making your purchase of expensive Forex software.

I have also used Forex Assassin, the eToro Forex trading platform and Forex Harvester but nothing really significant has come up from any of those systems for me.

Some Forex marketers, EAs and employees in general and so forth are so vicious that they monitor new “Forex” related domain registrations and somehow get your email address and solicit you… So you have to be aware that in the Forex market as far as Forex expert advisers go, there is a lot of them competing to get your money. You are merely seeking the ones who are also looking to have a solid reputation and actually provide you with profitable trades, your EAs #1 objective should be successfully trading Forex and not selling their software. This is another thing that makes the simple “pitch page” easy for EAs with very little maintenance, on that end of things. The software should be and often is a side venture for Forex experts who can actually profit from their knowledge of the market and have the means to market themselves… Can anybody create automated software and sell it? Probably not, I think it’s a bit of a stretch but then again it depends if you even get software, or whatever, most systems that are fully developed and have good features but don’t work – were more than likely meant to work at some point.

I have read up on quite a few of the most popular Forex review sites like Forex Peace Army and many other well known ones, and to me they all pretty much point towards the same complicated software and their voters are already experts investing 10s of thousands already and they barely feel some of their losses. They switch around a lot; nothing turns out to be solid in the end. The reviews on sites like that most likely got started through advertising. Too many people get to review their own systems on Forex sites like that, etc. You never know who the reviewer is. Searching for automated Forex software reviews is almost impossible nowadays since they all say pretty much the same thing and are mostly positive…

I have read up on many “free Forex signal” reports on the web and I also participate actively on various Forex forums and other Forex related sites. I often find with these particular free Forex signals at least my impression is that you get somebody looking to be a mentor of some sort for you, they are usually shady and turn out to be lacking when you need them the most. These guys are usually empty handed. They are trying to freelance or whatever so that they can supply systems and build a name for themselves, but the problem is that these are the guys who after so many followers do create a commercial system and then ultimately end up failing, their the failed EA newbies to some extent and you want an EA who is an accomplished Forex expert.

One should consider it much better and safer to use an established system that is known to work, and not the work of an aspiring EA, or even worse, somebody who doesn’t have those credentials at all and are just trying to stuff their ego. I have not enjoyed the free Forex signals and find it more like looting through them then finding anything really that productive, not much is there or else all Forex signals would have to be free and would be for everybody, all the best Forex signals would be free. At least that is my concept. I don’t want a rookie EA telling me what to do, since the trend in the Forex market nowadays is most definitely for more popular and well established EAs to sell systems, mostly automated software. That is one thing I don’t understand, who these people are that clog up the forums with nonsense and think they can compete in the market with actual successful Forex EAs who really know how to trade.

How much you want to trade really depends on you. If you’re a Forex starter you need to have a good EA for starters, and while I can’t hand pick one for you, I can provide at least one review since I have spent time on the subject, in this article off-site to an excellent EA which i have tried and complies with several of my standards. I feel it is an excellent resource for people like me at least who gets lost on the big stuff. There are many fish in the sea.

The review: – The software is called Forex Money Train in case the link goes dead. My overall conclusion is that Forex is the best and most sophisticated way to make money easily, if you put some effort in you will realize it’s easy to get a handle on a good automated Forex trading robot. The day I find something better I will write a new article about it.


Best Ways to Make Money Online Using a Forex Calendar

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Do you know what a forex calendar or economic calendar can do for you? And are you using it to the full potential in your forex trading? The economic calendar can be found at some of the forex websites, an example will be Forex Factory. It will help forex traders and investors about the upcoming major news and events. Here are some of the best ways to make money using a forex calendar.

Some of the very important and common economic information is interest rate announcements, non-farm pay roll, consumer price index, unemployment rates(which is the main concern in the financial world right now), retail sales, manufacturing PMI and lots more. There are news release almost everyday.

If you are trading on technicals and does not keep up with recent economics events, then you are missing out on a big part of the financial world. You will need to know the forex market conditions even if you are using technical analysis for your forex trading.

For example, you have a good forex strategy and it makes you nice profits consistently, but the strategy does not tell you when is a choppy market. Then how do you judge when is a choppy market? Here comes the market conditions that you will need to know. By keeping tabs on the forex calendar, you will be handed an extra edge on how your forex trading systems should be trading.

By knowing the timing of economic news release, it is not a forex signal for trading. In fact, you should not be trading 2 to 3 hours before any data is released which has got to do to the related currency pairs. For example, when there is going to be a interest rate announcement (a very big event) for U.S, then you should not be trading pairs like EUR/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD etc. This is to help you filter out those whipsaws that might happen when the announcement is being made.

Sometimes when a news is released, there will be a huge movement for a few minutes before the trend reverses again, those are fake signals that you would not want to take in. It is recommended that you take in trading signals around 15 minutes to 30 minutes only after the market is stabilized.

Without the aid of a forex calendar, you will hardly know when to act because you will have to be sure what is happening around and when is it happening. It’s very usual for a trader to check the forex calendar for a few times a day as it is one of the criteria in a trading plan.

So do you want to get the most out of your trading account? If yes, then you better start checking a economic calendar if you have not done so for your forex trading.


3 Best Forex Trading Strategies To Help You Make More Money Trading Currencies

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Forex Trading Strategies
by Ed Yourdon

Article by satrap

Forex trading is without a doubt one of the best and fastest ways to make money online, if you follow a winning strategy. You can not become successful in trading foreign currencies by making decisions blindly. Forex is a very risky business. If you want to profit from Forex trading, you need to follow a strategy that will maximize your earnings, while minimizing your risks. Here are 3 such a strategy that have been around for a long time, and have proven to be the winning strategies when it comes to Forex trading.

Leverage StrategyOne of the most successful and well-know Forex trading strategies Forex trading is leverage. A strategy based on leverage, allows you to make hundred or even thousand times the amount of money you have in your Forex account for trading. It’s a great strategy if you can master it. There are many success stories from Forex traders who have used the leverage strategy to make record breaking profits. But before you start applying this strategy, you will need to learn as much as you can about Forex market, and what and how effects the prices to rise and fall.

Stop-loss order Forex Trading StrategyStop-loss order is another great strategy for Forex trading. Stop-loss order strategy works simply by identifying a point where you will not trade. Meaning it will identify this point before you begin the trading. Be careful when using this strategy. Make sure you are able to analyze trading signals, and avoid mistakes in prediction. Making a mistake in predicting Forex market, no matter how small, could cost you dearly. So, make decisions wisely.

Automated Forex Trading SystemAutomated Forex trading is the favorite Forex trading system of many successful traders. It makes trading Forex a whole a lot easier, by automatically determining when to enter a trad, or when to exit one. Of course, the price and the point where the program would enter or exit a trade is predetermined. Automated Forex trading has its own risks as well, but the rewards are far greater that the risks. There are many great automated Forex trading system for a reasonable price, that will make trading in Forex market joyful. And if you use the right automated Forex trading system, you can make unbelievable profits. There are many software out there that can automated your tradings for you, but one of the newer ones that have generated quite a buzz recently is Forex Neutrino. It’s a little costly(about 0), but if you are a serious investor, its worth it

These Forex trading strategies can give you much better trade opportunities in the Forex market. But remember, no matter what system or strategy you use, there is no guaranty for succeeding by 100%. You need to keep in mind that no strategy alone is going to give you the perfect trading system. These strategies are here to help you maximize your success rate while minimizing your risks. Testing and constantly adapting your strategies for the better, will ensure your success in making money with Forex trading.

About the Author

Satrap is the founder and author of controversial blog, A blog full of great how-tos and information about making money online. Visit blogstash today to get your share of this valuable information and learn different ways to make money online.


Best Online Forex Trading Broker – Make Money With Top Five Forex Trading Brokers

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Online Forex
by Tradingrichmom

Article by Forex Expert

Best Online Forex Trading Broker

Forex Trading is a highly volatile industry where money can be made and lost within seconds. Hence it is very important to be armed with the latest information and the best tools to ensure that you always enjoy a winning streak in this market. The best way to go about making profits here is by employing the services of an online Forex broker; this automated tool can be of immense help in providing you with real time information, data, charts and other tools to help you make handsome profits.

Let me take you through the top five Forex brokers available online these days;

Easy Forex

This online Forex broker has received the highest rating in the recent times as it provides the subscriber with a whole array of tools like charts, news, financial calendar, trade controller, SMS alert service, limit controller, daily outlook and currency rate matrix. You can also set up a demo account before subscribing to the service to find out if the system is to your liking and preference. A minimum deposit of only hundred dollars is required to start trading and this automated broker offers three pips as a spread for major pairs. You can also choose from over hundred different pairs of international currencies to trade.

Forex Yard

A demo account can be set up with this online broker too before making the minimum deposit of hundred dollars to start trading. Tools like daily outlook, news, charts and interest rates table is provided but not inside viewer and trade controller which is available only with Easy Forex. Training programs are also provided free of cost and using this broker, you can also trade in gold and oil to reap in rich dividends. Service is good with a 24/7 toll free customer service and you can also live chat if required. Best Online Forex Trading Broker


This is also a good online Forex trading broker and offers the same tools as the above two except interest rates table, inside viewer and trade controller. You only have to make a minimum deposit of fifty dollars to start an account here. Unlike the other two online brokers, this one has to be downloaded to start trading instead of going online. Customer service is excellent and you can use online banking, wire transfer or credit card to make payments.


With Avafx, you can avail most of the services as of Easy Forex except for trade controller and a minimum deposit of hundred dollars has to be made to start trading. The facility for opening a demo account is also available with this online broker. You can choose from over fifty currency pairs to trade and you can either go online or download the application to carry out trading.


The last but not the least is FxCast, an online Forex trading broker which offers round the clock customer service in many languages. The minimum deposit for opening an account is incredibly low to the tune of only ten dollars. You can use wire transfer or online banking to make and receive payments and periodic training programs are also available to help you keep abreast with all the information about the Forex market. Best Online Forex Trading Broker

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